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Bill Naughton, Jr.

Songwriter, Volume 1
produced by Michael Arafeh
at The Coffeehouse, Middletown, CT

all songs written by Bill Naughton, Jr.
c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

Thanks to Dan Hayden for adding my song,
"The Bride's Best Man,"
from my album "Songwriter, Volume 1,"
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Most people get what we did for the back cover photo on the album. Some don't get it right away but most people do because the original album cover that we tried our best to recreate is such a classic, perhaps second only to Abbey Road. It's not perfect but I think it came out pretty good. I know we had fun doing it.  Olga Gerik was the photographer and she did a nice job.
(The cover shot for the first album by Crosby, Stills and Nash was taken by the great rock photographer Henry Diltz.)

Liner Notes and credits from the CD

Terry Miggins plays lead guitar and bass (except track
1, bass by Jerry Clapis). Jay Miggins plays drums and percussion. Bill Naughton, Jr. plays ukulele and acoustic guitar on a Martin D-18 courtesy of Thomas McLean. Vanessa Naughton plays flute on tracks 7 and 12. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Arafeh at The Coffeehouse, Middletown, CT between November 15, 2013 and July 30, 2014. “Meet The Beatles”was the first song we completed and it was issued as a single on January 20, 2014, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of that classic album that ignited Beatlemania in the United States in 1964. This track has been re-mixed for inclusion as the lead track on this album. When we finished that song, Terry, Jay and I kept at it and recorded 14 more songs.

When I went into studio I went in as a songwriter with the intention of creating professional studio recordings of my songs to replace the simple guitar-vocal demos that I had recorded at home and posted on my website. My goal was, and still is, to pitch these songs to both established and up-and-coming recording artists and/or their producers with the hope of getting others to record and release my songs. It was not my intention to become the "recording artist." This album is a songwriter's showcase. As a former radio anouncer, I do have a trained speaking voice, however, not all broadcasters, or songwriters for that matter, can sing well, but with the encouragement and guidance I received in the studio from Michael, Terry and Jay, I think I did a fairly good job presenting my own songs. I think that we made some very good recordings but it is still my hope that these songs will be heard, appreciated and eventually recorded by other singers. Please contact us at BiliolgaMusic@aol.com if you are a singer or producer who may be interested in recording and releasing any of these songs on your own album, or as a single, or if you are an independent filmmaker who may want to use any of these songs in your movie. I truly believe that “The First Time Again” and "How'd You Find Me Here?" would be the perfect theme songs for romantic comedies. Track 14, "Your Smile," is for Willie Nelson. Track 2, “I Fell In Love With You,” is a true story, an "And I Love Her" type song written for and dedicated to my best friend, my soulmate, my very beautiful wife of  20 years, Olga Gerik. Te amo Olguita , ahora y siempre.. Le doy gracias a Dios que nos encontramos y me enamorado de ti . Soy muy afortunado de ser tu esposo. Siempre serias la unica amor en mi vida. Tu eres todo lo que you necisito.

 I dedicate this album to family: my wife Olga, my daughter Vanessa and my son William. You inspire me to be the best that I can be. Thank you for your support. Very special thanks to Terry Miggins and Jay Miggins whose incredible musical contributions and suggestions on arrangements made these songs turn out sounding much better than I could have ever imagined. I wrote these songs but you created the tracks that made the music come alive. You really felt these songs and I deeply appreciate your help. I look forward to working with you again on more songs for “Songwriter, Volume 2.” Very special thanks to my daughter, Vanessa, for playing the flute solos on two of my songs. You made me a very proud Daddy. Terry Miggins wrote the guitar arrangements and played all the lead guitar parts for the songs "Alarm Clock, Dogs Bark" and "Meet The Beatles," and he developed all the guitar solos on this album. Terry, you are the best! Thank you. I have been inspired by the Beatles, especially Paul McCartney, Jim Croce, James Taylor and the great Nashville songwriter Bob McDill.  Front cover, back cover and on-disc photography by Olga Gerik. Package designed by Biliolga Music. Graphic desiner: MIMI Design. In memory of our parents William and Jean Naughton and Francisco Gerik.  Saludos y amor a la familia en Venezuela.

c 2014 Biliolga Records.
You can order the CD directly from Biliolga Music, Box 146, Cobalt, CT, 06414 for whatever donation to my "Catch Up Campaign" you think is appropriate. I initially suggested $12.00 each but I'll be happy with whatever you want to donate, $10.00 would be fine, less if that's all you can afford. I just want everyone to have an opportunity to hear my songs. Postage for mailing one or two copies is $2.50. My mailing address is Biliolga Music, P.O. Box 146, Cobalt, CT 06414. Send me something and I'll mail it to you.
Thank you for supporting independent music.


First public performance of the album, Songwriter - Volume 1,
at the East Hampton, CT Public Library, September 27, 2014.
(photo by Vanessa Naughton)

Press Kit

Link to Interview with songwriter Bill Naughton, Jr.
about recording and releasing his album Songwriter, Volume 1

On-disc photography by Olga Gerik


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1. Meet The Beatles
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

Back in nineteen sixty-four when I was only five,
I listened to the records that my parents played each night,
Sometimes they played Bob Dylan and sometimes they played some Bach,
A little Bossa Nova and some country and some pop.

And I never will forget the time Mom brought home something new,
She said it was an English band from a place called Liverpool,
It was different than the music that I heard on other nights,
My Mom played Meet The Beatles and that music changed my life.

Meet The Beatles everybody here they come,
John, Paul, George and Ringo with guitars and bass and drums,
My Dad was not convinced at first but I was on cloud nine,
My Mom played Meet The Beatles and that music changed my life.

By the time I turned fourteen my friends and I had formed a band,
And everyone who’s played with us has been a Beatles fan,
Their songs still sound as good today as they did back that first time,
My Mom played Meet The Beatles and that music changed my life. 

From coast to coast........all across America........
DJs on the radio........ignited Beatlemania........ 

-repeat chorus-  

My Mom played Meet The Beatles and that music changed my life...

2. I Fell In Love With You
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

The day that I met you, my life was changed,
When your eyes found mine I knew,
I would never be the same,
I fell in love with you...

The angels heard my prayer, my dream came true,
When I saw you standing there,
There was nothing I could do,
I fell in love with you...

-middle eight-
It was the last thing I expected,
When you walked into the room,
But my heart was unprotected, 
And I fell in love with you...

The sun lights up the day, stars shine at night,
Simple words could never say,
Everything I felt inside,
When I fell in love with you...

-instrumental break-
-repeat middle eight and last verse-


3. The First Time Again

(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
copyright c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

What if we met for the first time again,
Would we still fall in love like before,
Would you try to impress me with all those cute stories,
And lead me out on the dance floor...
How would it be if we did it all over,
Would we feel the same way as back then,
Would we start off together on the road to forever,
If we met for the first time again...

Sometimes I wonder how we found each other,
Two strangers alone in the night,
Still looking all over for one special lover,
To make fairy tale dreams come alive...

I knew that the first time I looked in your blue eyes,
That something inside me had changed,
Now I wonder if we'd find the same perfect love life,
If we met for the first time again...

-repeat chorus-
-instrumental break-

What if we met for the first time again,
Would we feel the same way as back then,
Would we start off together on the road to forever,
If we met for the first time again...
Would we start off together on the road to forever,
If we met for the first time again...

4. The Bride's Best Man
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

She says that I’m the best friend, a girl could ever have,
And she wants me in her wedding march, right behind her Dad,
I listen as they pledge their love, forever and a day,
And I feel a tiny teardrop fall, as we bow our heads to pray...

I’m the bride’s best man, standing silent by her side,
And when she says I do, a piece of my heart dies,
I don’t know why I agreed to this, it’s more than I can stand,
I love her but she’s marrying him, I’m the bride’s best man.

The wedding’s over, now they say, the party’s just begun,
But it don’t matter how hard I try, I won’t have any fun,
Their words keep ringing in my head, my heart’s in agony,
And I can’t help but wonder why,the bride didn’t marry me...

-repeat chorus-

There's a chance I might survive this night,
But it's tearing me apart,
I hope the pain that I feel to today,
Won't always freeze my heart...

-guitar solo-
-repeat chorus-

5. In The Morning We'll Split Up

(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

Can we talk again tomorrow, it's getting late, 
And we really haven't reached a decision so I guess it can wait, 
It would be wrong for me to ask you to leave, 
So I guess you can crash on the couch, 
In the morning we'll split up the rest of the things in the house...  

It's so easy to remember, good times we had, 
I can't believe I fell so hard so quickly and it's turned out so bad, 
I wish that I could find a way to change your mind, 
But I know it's too late for that now, 
In the morning we'll split up the rest of the things in the house... 

It'll tear me in two when we say goodbye, 
I wish we could give it just one more try...   

But it's over for us, you fell out of love, 
And you buried my heart in the ground, 
In the morning we'll split up the rest of the things in the house...  

-guitar solo-  
-repeat bridge- 
-repeat last three lines twice-

6. I Take Your Eyes Off My Mama Mister!

(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

Our family was broken apart years ago,
My Dad was hardly ever there, 
And the day he drove away for good,
No one even cared, 
So we grew up in Tennessee,
Michael, Mary Beth and me, 
Mama never brought another man into the house, 
Though she's still about as pretty as can be... 

- chorus- 
And now some new guy's on the porch
Smoking cigarettes,

Making eyes at Mama
While he waits for Mary Beth, 

I guess I've got to tell him
What I've had to tell the rest, 

If you're here to see my sister....
Take your eyes off my Mama Mister! 

It's not that I'm over protective of her,
But she doesn't look her age, 
And despite the years she's been alone,
She's kept herself in shape, 
And young men like to fantasize,
When they see her long blonde hair, 
Mama gets caught up in the middle now and then,
But she's not about to start some dumb affair... 

-repeat chorus-  

Maybe she'll fall in love again someday, 
If someone special sweeps her off her feet, 
But more than once I've heard her say,
That Michael, Mary Beth and me, 
Are all that she's ever gonna need... 

-guitar solo-  
-repeat chorus-

7. We Were Only Children
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

We were only children when we met,
On the playground of the State Street School,
And I only lived a block away from you,
So it got to be that I'd walk you home
Each afternoon when school was through,
We were only children when I fell in love with you...

No one else could ever catch my eye,
Though every now and then some girl we knew,
Would try to steal my heart away from you,
But they soon found out I didn't stray
Too far from you, my love was true,
We were only children when I fell in love with you...

-middle eight-
From baseball cards and paper dolls,
To hula hoops and summer jobs,
We became a legend in our time,
I promised you when we were young,
You'd always be the only one,
I'd never want another to be mine...

-flute solo-
-repeat middle eight and first verse-

8. Gone To Get My Girlfriend
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
c 2014 Biliolga Music (ASCAP)

“I’ve gone to get my girlfriend, she got lost outside of town,
She can’t get away from some honky-tonk café,
She stopped in for directions and they said she had to stay,
Now there better be enough of them to beat this thirty-eight.”

My brother’s always been in trouble, Ma said he was born that way,
But we all got along good just the same,
He spent last year in prison, we all hoped he’d changed his style,
But I just found this note, and I’m afraid that he’s gone wild.

-repeat chorus-

No matter what they try to tell him, he will break that bar to bits,
‘Cause that’s the way he used to get his kicks,
I hope they haven’t hurt her ‘cause he’ll surely shoot that gun,
And if some fool tries to fight him, I’m afraid he’ll kill someone.

-repeat chorus, guitar solo, repeat chorus-

9. I've Never Known How Far To Go With You
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
c 2014 Biliolga Music (ASCAP)

I've never known how far to go with you, 
Or what I could or what I couldn't do, 
And while I fooled around, someone else would take you out, 
It's happened and it's happening again, 
I always let you slip right through my hand... 

If the light was green I'd never see the sign, 
So I let myself get hurt time after time, 
When you found yourself in need, you would never turn to me, 
So many times I felt like such a fool, 
'Cause I've never known how far to go with you...  

-middle eight-  
Love is never easy, if it's easy it's not love, 
That's what I heard my sister say,
 On the phone with her friend yesterday, 
But it's been so hard for me to make a move, 
I'm afraid you might not think of me that way...   

I've never known how far to go with you,  
If I had three steps to take I'd just take two, 
In the end I'll take the blame, you could be a kiss away, 
Then again you might be turned off by the truth, 
So I've never known how far to go with you...
I've never known how far to go with you...

10. Keep These Little Lessons
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

I was raised on my Daddy’s farm,
Woke up at five o’clock and went to work in the barn,
Worked hard all day until my body hurt,
But Daddy taught me how to do an honest day’s work...

Mama stayed inside and kept the house in shape,
She taught my little sister how to sew and how to bake,
Every night we’d sit around the living room,
And between them they must have told us everything they knew...

They said “Keep these little lessons, don’t forget what we say,
If you ever need our strength, you’re gonna thank us someday,
There’s nothing more important we can do when we’re alive,
Then to teach you what we know, so that you can survive.”

That was back in eighty-nine if I can recall,
‘Cause Mama died next spring and Daddy followed her that fall,
All at once I knew what it was like to be alone,
“Cause my sister went away to school and didn’t live at home...

I worked double shifts just trying to deal with my pain,
Until I remembered what my Daddy used to say,
“Don’t ever feel too proud to ask your neighbors for help,
If it looks like it’s too heavy, don’t try lifting it yourself.”

-repeat chorus-

Now I've got a family, a wife and two kids,
We're bringing up a boy and girl just like my parents did,
And we do for them what my folks did for me so long ago,
Each night we sit them down and teach them everything we know...

-repeat chorus twice-

11. Alarm Clock, Dogs Bark
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

Alarm clock, dogs bark... feet on the floor,
Morning routine... out the door,
Work, eat, TV... in bed by ten,
Alarm clock, dogs bark... wake up again...

Monday, Friday... it's all the same,
Chase that paycheck... play the game,
Sometimes, seems like... it'll never end,
Alarm clock, dogs bark... here I go again...

-guitar solo-

Alarm clock, dogs bark... feet on the floor,
Morning routine... out the door,
Sometimes, seems like... it'll never end,
Alarm clock, dogs bark... here I go again...

-guitar solo out-

12. How'd You Find Me Here?
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

How'd you find me here?
I thought when we broke up you said you'd disappear,
You wanted nothing more to do with me,
But here you are....and I don't know what to do,
I could get up and walk away but I'm still in love with you...

So what's on your mind?
I hope you're doing well and everything's alright,
I wonder why you want to see me now,
Are you okay....is there something that you need?
I'd still do anything for you if you'd only smile at me...

How'd you find me here?....

-flute solo-

How'd you find me here?
I'm feeling weak all over with you being near,
I hope that you won't lead me on tonight,
I'd stay with you but I'd rather be your friend,
I don't want to start all over just to watch you leave again...

How'd you find me here...
How'd you find me here...

13. Tonight Leave The Love Light On
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

I'm sorry I worked right through dinner again,
That's four out of five nights this week,
And the clock in the kitchen says quarter past ten,
I imagine the baby's asleep,

I don't want you to think I've found somebody new,
I swear I've got nothing to hide,
I'm lonely all day 'til I get home to you,
That's when I start coming alive... 

Now the only thing I'm hungry for is a little of your love,
Seventeen hours without you today is just about enough,
My body is aching to be next to yours,
Right now that is all that I want,
So let out the dogs and lock all the doors,
But tonight leave the love light on...  

It shouldn't be long 'til I'm out of this bind,
I'll know more in a couple of days,
And I'm sure in the end it'll be worth the time,
If the boss finally gives me that raise,

It helps when I hear you say everything's good,
I see nothing but love in your eyes,
You know that I'd work way less hours if I could,
Someday it'll be nine to five...

-repeat chorus-  

There's no other thrill that compares to this,
Your smile, your skin, your caress, your kiss,
I worked all day long with just one thought in mind,
To get home to you and make love tonight...

-repeat chorus-

14. Your Smile
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

I think about us every now and then,
It’s been awhile, but I remember when,

We were so close, I called you my best friend,
Now I might never see your smile again...

They say in love there are no guarantees,
Not like the colors on October trees,
The sun comes up, the earth still spins around,
But now your smile is nowhere to be found...

-middle eight-
I’ve looked for you… most everywhere,
I’ve searched the crowds for the color of your hair,
I’ve looked for eyes… your shade of blue,
Your smile is burned into my brain but I can’t find you….

-break, Willie Nelson style guitar solo-
-repeat middle eight and second verse-

The sun comes up, the earth still spins around,
But now your smile is nowhere to be found,
Now your smile is nowhere to be found...

15. Drinkin' Tonight
(words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.)
 c 2014 BiliolgaMusic (ASCAP)

It’s been a couple days now since I tied one on,
Tonight I need just two or three to loosen up,
It’s been on my mind all day now
Time to finally decide,

What will I be drinkin’ tonight?

The boys at the bar just called, they're pickin' me up,
They're layin' down the law about me drivin' my truck,
I don't know what I should start with
I can't make up my mind,

What should I be drinkin' tonight?

On Friday all that whiskey made me crazy,
And Saturday the beer just made me sick,
Sunday started out with Bloody Marys,
And ended with champagne and shots of Jack...

On Monday I stayed home so I could sleep it off,
Tonight I’m thinking I might jump back on the horse,
But the truth is I’ve been lucky
I keep waking up alive,

Maybe I’ll quit drinkin’ tonight...

-repeat refrain-

On Monday I stayed home all day and slept it off,
Tonight I thought I try to jump back on horse,
But the truth is I'm damn lucky
That so far I’ve survived,

I prob’ly should quit drinkin’ tonight...
Maybe I'll quit drinkin' tonight...
I'm thinkin' I'll quit drinkin' tonight...yeah right!

all words and music by Bill Naughton, Jr.
all songs c 2014 Biliolga Music (ASCAP)

Interview with songwriter Bill Naughton Jr.
about recording and releasing his album
Songwriter - Volume 1

*permission granted to any media
to quote any part of the following

Contact: Bill Naughton, Jr.

Bill Naughton, Jr. recording his album, Songwriter - Volume 1,
at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio, Middletown, CT.

Interviewer: We're talking with Bill Naughton, Jr. who has just released an album with 15 original songs called Songwriter, Volume 1. Tell us something about the album, the music, yourself...

Bill Naughton, Jr
.: Well, I'm primarily a songwriter, I started writing poetry in high school and then in my college years I met Lou Gerolami who surprised me by putting music to some of my poems and that inspired me to learn more about the craft of songwriting. Lou and I wrote a lot of songs together, most of the time I wrote the words and he wrote the music and gradually I started writing complete songs on my own, both words and music. Over the years I've built up quite a collection of original songs and I thought a few of them weren't too bad so I decided last year that it was time for me to go into the studio and make proper recordings of some of my best songs. I was thinking of making what I called "professional demos" to take the place of the simple guitar-vocal demos that I recorded at home and posted on my website. My intention was never to be the "recording artist" but rather to produce more professional versions of my songs that I could then "pitch" to singers and producers in an effort to get some of my songs recorded by either established or up-and-coming recording artists to release on their own albums or as singles. But this project seemed to take on a life of its own and we ended up making an album of original material that I think is very good, if I can say so myself. I'm really happy with the finished product.

: So you really didn't plan on releasing your own album?

Bill Naughton, Jr.: Well, I did plan on making a CD but initially I didn't think it would be anything more than a promotional item that I could use to establish myself as a songwriter with a bunch of pretty good songs that I thought could be recorded by others. But once I got into the studio it turned into more than that.

: There are 15 songs on the album and, at least to my ears, these tracks sound like they're much more than demos. These are very good songs, both lyrically and musically, and it’s very well produced. And if you don't mind me saying, it sounds like you're a pretty good singer.

Bill Naughton, Jr.
: Well, thank you, but for that I have to give credit to my producer, Michael Arafeh, who coached me and brought out the best in me as far as the vocals go. I'm a former radio broadcaster so I have a trained voice but that doesn't always transition into the ability to be a singer. There are many disc jockeys who can't sing at all and even some songwriters aren't very good singers but I've been singing all my life and despite some weaknesses I have, my producer Michael Arafeh helped me focus on my strengths and I'm pretty proud of what we were able to come up with. But I still don't think I've recorded the definitive versions of these songs, I still want to see most of them recorded by someone else who would have a better chance of bringing them to a much wider audience.

: Talk about the recording process, you credit Terry Miggins on both guitar and bass and Jay Miggins on drums and percussion.

Bill Naughton, Jr
.: Yeah, that's why these songs turned into such great recordings, but I have to go back to last year to fill you in and bring you up-to-date on how Terry and Jay became so involved and what an important part of the recoding process they turned out to be. I had a song called "Meet The Beatles" that I had written a couple of years ago that I felt very strongly about, I thought it had the potential to become somewhat of a hit if it could be recorded and released to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebration of the release of the album "Meet The Beatles!" which occurred on January 20, 2014 and I was actively pitching the song, primarily to Beatles tribute bands in the United States. I sent out promotional material to dozens of contacts I had developed and I got some very positive feedback on the song but no one was offering to record it, so eventually I made the decision to go ahead and record it myself. Now one of the bands that I pitched the song to was a really great group from CT called Beatles Forever. My wife and I and our two kids met the guys in the band a couple of years ago when they played an outdoor summer concert at Blue Back Square in West Hartford, CT and by the time I decided to record the song myself I knew the lead guitarist Terry Miggins and the bass player Jerry Clapis well enough to ask them if they'd come into the studio with me and play on the song and they both agreed to do that. So we went into the Coffeehouse Recording Studio in Middletown, CT and we recorded Meet The Beatles with the owner, Michael Arafeh, who produced the record. And I was able to meet my deadline and release the song, for digital download only, on January 20, 2014, the 50th anniversary of the release of the Meet The Beatles! album. I think we made a really good record and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on it. Terry Miggins played guitar on his 6-string Gretsch and 12 string Rickenbacker as well as harmonica, Jerry Clapis played bass on his Hofner and Terry's brother, Jay Miggins, a former record promotion executive, played drums on his Ludwig drum kit, the same instruments that The Beatles used in the studio. I played rhythm guitar and ukulele and sang all the vocals. It's a really good record and so I made it the lead track on the album. Terry and Jay were such an important part of the recording process and that's the main reason why the song came out sounding so good. And what happened next was that Terry and Jay had such a good time in the studio that they agreed to stay on and play on all the other songs as well. Jerry was too busy to commit to playing on the whole album so Terry played all the bass parts in addition to electric and acoustic guitar, both steel string and nylon string, and he did some really incredible guitar solos, and Jay played all the drums and percussion parts and kept a really steady beat throughout the album. The only other musician on the album is my daughter, Vanessa, who was 11 years old when she came into the studio with me and played the flute on two of my songs, How'd You Find Me Here? and We Were Only Children. She pretty much did a perfect flute solo on the first run through, although we recorded several takes. She absolutely amazed everyone with her professionalism and proficiency and I'm very proud to have her featured on my album. So Terry Miggins, Jay Miggins and Michael Arafeh helped me turn my simple little songs into these exceptional recordings that I can now take to Nashville, New York and Los Angeles and try to get other singers and producers interested in recording them. I'm very proud of what we did on this album and now I've started working on "Songwriter, Volume 2" which will have 15 more original songs and which will be released later this year.

: There are original 15 songs on this album and there will be 15 on the next one too, that's 30 songs, that's a lot of material.

Bill Naughton, Jr
: I've got more than that but I chose these 30 songs because I think they are the ones that have the most potential to be picked up and recorded by someone else. I have high hopes. My new motto is "Think big and whittle it down to reality." So I'm thinking Bonnie Raitt for one of these songs, Willie Nelson for another and The Dixie Chicks, if they ever decide go into the studio again. I've already sent my home demo to Lloyd Maines, Natalie's father, who won a Grammy for producing one of their albums and is a legend in the Austin, Texas, music scene, and he said he'd keep it on file "just in case." Now I can't wait to send him this CD and see what he might do with a few of these songs, with the Dixie Chicks or some other up-and-coming artist he may be producing. And I'll take this CD to Nashville, where I still have some contacts from my days as a disc-jockey on WSIX and WSM-FM, as well as New York and Los Angeles and pass it around to artists, producers and record labels to try to get some "cuts" as they say. I have my own publishing company, Biliolga Music, and that's what publishers do, pitch the songs and try to get the "cuts." So I’m planning on giving away quite a few of these CDs as promotional items, and maybe I’ll actually even sell a few. I’m going to do some library and gazebo concerts and that’s a good opportunity to maybe sell a few. I’ve spent about $6K of my own money so far on studio time, maybe I can get some of that back.

Interviewer: If someone wants to buy the album, how can they do that? Where can they find it?

Bill Naughton, Jr
.: It's available to download from iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets and the CD is available by mail order, which I recommend. All the information is on my website, www.BiliolgaMusic.com.

: Let's talk about the songs. I'll give you some titles and you tell me something about the song.

Bill Naughton, Jr.: I’ll tell you what, let's just go through the whole album, song by song. I’ll talk about each one…

Meet The Beatles: As I've said, I wrote this song for the 50th anniversary of the release of the Capitol Records album, Meet The Beatles!, which was instrumental in igniting Beatlemania in the United States in 1964. I wrote the verses and chorus about three years ago and I knew that I wanted to save the song for the 50th anniversary, and then last year I felt the song needed something more so I wrote the bridge which I believe makes the song complete. I actually pitched the song around to several Beatles tribute bands in the United States and I got some very positive comments but no offers to record the song so last year, with the 50th anniversary approaching, I decided to go into the studio and record it myself because I felt strongly that the song had to be released on January 20. 2014, which was the actual anniversary date of the release of Meet The Beatles! What happened next was that we were in Essex, CT watching an outdoor concert by a great Connecticut tribute band called Beatles Forever, and Jerry Clapis, the bass player, asked me how it was going with my song and I told him I hadn't had any luck finding an act to record it so I was going to go into the studio and record it myself. Then I asked him if he'd be willing to play bass on it for me and he said he would. Then Terry Miggins, the lead guitarist came into the conversation and I told him I was going to go into the studio to record my song and Jerry said he'd play bass on it and I asked Terry if he'd play guitar for me and he said he would. So the pieces started falling into place. Then Terry told me his brother, Jay, was a drummer and before I knew it I had the guitar, bass and drums I needed to make the record. We went into the Coffeehouse Recording Studio in Middletown, CT on November 15, 2013 and started working on it and the record was released for digital download on iTunes, Amazon and other outlets on January 20, 2014, just as I had planned. I think we made a fantastic recording, we used all the same instruments that The Beatles used, Hofner bass, Gretsch, Guild and Rickenbacker guitars and Ludwig drums, and we threw in several musical  references to Beatles songs, particularly the Hard Day's Night guitar chord, a variation on the She Loves You guitar chords, and several other rather subtle references that are there if you listen closely, like the variation on the Twist and Shout vocals and the Love Me Do style harmonica that Terry played on the ending vamp. We worked hard to not play anything exactly as The Beatles did but to simply reference some well-known pieces of the songs. And Michael Arafeh added some screaming crowd noise on the bridge leading up to the Hard Day's Night chord which is really cool, it really brings back the feel of Beatlemania. Overall, the record came out sounding great, it's a 99 cent digital single and now it's the lead track on the album.

I Fell In Love With You: This is a very special song that I wrote to mark the 20th anniversary of the day I met Olga Gerik, who within a year would become my wife. We met on May 21, 1993 at her family's home in Lagunetica, Los Teques, Venezuela. It's a long story. It's a short song. It probably should be longer. Someday I'm going to write a book about it, or at least a short story. But it's a long story, so I don't know. This is an "And I Love Her" type song. I read that Paul McCartney and John Lennon used to get together and say "Let's write one like that song we like," so that's what I did. I wrote one with the same structure as "And I Love Her," which by the way is the song I sang for Olga at our wedding, in both English and Spanish. I Fell In Love With You….. And I Love Her….. they're like cousins. Terry Miggins did a really great nylon string guitar solo on this and Jay Miggins found just the right rhythm on the drums, the whole song is very Beatlesque, as it should be because that was what I set out to do when I started writing it. This is a very special song for me and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

The First Time Again
:  Another very special song. I'm not sure exactly where the idea came from but all of a sudden one day I had this thought in my mind, "what if two people who have been together for a long time met each other again for the very first time, would their life play out the same as it has? Would they be attracted to each other like before? Would they fall in love and live happily ever after like they have?" All these scenarios started pouring into my head and I started to write some ideas down on paper and by the end of the day I had the basic structure with some lyrics and a rough idea of what the melody might sound like. When I picked up the guitar I found the Cmaj7 chord, a beautiful chord that always seems to twist emotion out of my heart, and I sang a basic melody into my digital recorder. Over the course of the next two days I rewrote most of the lyrics and recorded several updated versions until it all came together on December 21, 2013. I think this may be the most beautiful melody I've ever written, and I'm going to try really hard to get it placed in a film, I think it would be perfect over the end credits of a movie with a romantic theme. It’s a theme that I don’t think has ever been explored in a song and I’m really excited about this song’s potential to appeal to a wide audience. It’s another song with a really beautiful nylon string guitar solo by Terry Miggins. It's a very simple song, it starts with the chorus and there's really only one verse, then the chorus again, the guitar solo and it ends with a couple lines from the chorus and the Cmaj7 chord. I almost hate to say it but it's another song that, at least for me, sounds a bit like something The Beatles might have done, or maybe Paul McCartney solo. I think this might be melody that will be hard to get out of your head, and that's a good thing. I really like this song and I think the recording we made is really good. We worked hard on it, it’s actually not an easy song for me to sing but I think I pulled it off.

The Bride's Best Man
: This is a song that I started writing when I was in Nashville but I felt I hadn't really completed it so I left it alone for quite a while, and then when I returned to it I realized it needed a bridge, so I wrote a couple lines that would lead into a short guitar solo and then bring it back to the chorus and as soon as I did that I felt the song was complete. Sometimes you just have to let a song sit for a while until the time is right to complete it, not everything happens all at once. I really love the lyrics in this song. My daughter asked me if it was true. I told her I made it all up, and of course, I did. I think it's a pretty unique idea about a bride having a best man and the best man being broken hearted because she’s marrying someone else. It's crazy but I love the story line. I was listening to a lot of Bob McDill songs when I started writing this, very simple songs that have interesting story lines and turn out to be irresistible. I think this could be a pretty big hit for a country singer. It’s a very original, unique idea about a bride having a best man and the recording we made is really good. The rhythm is really catchy, it’s an easy shuffle and it moves along very nicely with a strong rhythm guitar groove supported by Jay Miggins on the drums and the guitar solo by Terry Miggins coming out of the bridge is great.

In The Morning We'll Split Up
:  I had the title and the basic structure for this song pretty much completed but I put it aside for a while because I thought the title and the lyrics were so special I wasn’t sure I could come up with a melody that was good enough. So I was looking for a co-writer to help me finish this but I finally got tired of waiting on it so I spent some time considering where I wanted it to go and what I wanted it to sound like, I made some important edits to the lyrics, I rewrote the entire last verse, added the bridge and redesigned the final few lines, and once I did that the melody came to me and I just sang it into my portable digital recorder one day on the beach in Westbrook, CT. I feel that the line I came up with that day, "you buried my heart in the ground," absolutely makes the song. From the bridge to the final line, the lyrics are so powerful and they strike such an emotional chord that I think everyone who hears it will feel the hurt that this person is experiencing and relate to the pain and the heartache, much like what Jan Crutchfield's song "It Turns Me Inside Out" did when Lee Greenwood recorded it. I really struggled with that one line, the rhyme in particular. It wasn't easy to find a third rhyme for "house," and when I first came up with "you buried my heart in the ground," I wasn't sure it was right for the song, I actually thought it was too strong, although I really liked the in and out contrast I came up with on "fell out” and "buried in."  But for a while I wasn't sure, then after singing it a few times it actually started to bring tears to my eyes, I felt the raw emotion it conveys and I became convinced that it was the perfect line in exactly the right place for this song. And it made much more sense when I started thinking of this as a song for a female singer, I thought that line would be much better suited for a female singer than a male, although anyone can sing it because it's a good song and I decided to record it because I didn't want to hold on to it any longer, I want it out there for others to consider recording. I have a feeling this could be a very big hit on country radio, and not just a hit for one singer but a song that could get recorded many times by many different artists. I think It's one of the best songs - if not the best song - I've ever written. The title doesn't tell the whole story and I've found that when people hear the complete line for the first time, "In the morning we'll split up… the rest of the things in the house," they go "ah..." and smile or laugh or express some other emotion. It's a killer title and a great hook. I'm very proud of this one. Again, Terry Miggins did a beautiful acoustic guitar solo on this. I especially like the way the guitar builds with the emotion on the last few lines. This is the type of song that brings tears to your eyes.

Take Your Eyes Off My Mama Mister!
: This was a complete set of words that I pulled out of my notebook and just started singing on the beach in Westbrook, CT on the same day I wrote the melodies for two other songs. I've always thought that it was a really good lyric sheet and I was feeling inspired that day so it all came together rather quickly. I think it could be a pretty significant hit for someone if it's produced well and promoted effectively. It's got a really great rhythm and groove and a very interesting story line, this is the one that I think would be perfect for The Dixie Chicks if they ever go back in the studio and make another record. I always thought that the title itself was enough to get the song listened to by a producer and for a long time I was afraid to even tell anyone the title because I thought it was so unique that I was afraid that it might get ripped off. I think it's probably the most creative lyric I've ever written and I'm really excited about the potential for this song to break out really big for someone. I think it'll absolutely jump out of the radio and I think it could be a huge crowd pleaser in concert. I can visualize a crowd being encouraged to shout out the title, I can actually picture this: after the singer sings "If you're here to see my sister...," the crowd yells out in union, "TAKE YOUR EYES OFF MY MAMA MISTER!!!" That could be a classic moment! This could be a classic hit. I think we did a very good job in the studio producing a version that shows this song’s potential to be a hit. And again, a great guitar solo by Terry Miggins. I can’t say enough about his contribution to this album. In a way, this is as much his album as it is mine.

We Were Only Children
:  This has always been one of my favorite songs, and one that my two kids absolutely love. It's a really pretty little song about a guy and a girl who first met in grade school and have been best friends like forever and they end up spending their whole life together. It's written with a somewhat older demographic in mind because it references baseball cards and hula hoops, which brings you back to the 60s, but like that song that Frankie Valli sang, "My Eyes Adored You," I think this will appeal to just about any age group. It's a love song, and love knows no boundaries. It's just a nice little love song and everybody likes a love song. I asked my daughter, Vanessa, who was 11 at the time, to play a flute solo on this song and she came into the studio and did such a beautiful job playing the flute on this song that I asked her to come back and play on another song too, and she did. I'm really proud of her, and I'm so happy that she plays flute on two songs on my album. I think the flute solo on this song is really special, it gives it a really nice feel and makes the song sound so much stronger.

Gone To Get My Girlfriend
This is a pure country, toe-tapping, honky-tonk bar song. I think it's a very cool story song about a guy who leaves a note for his brother telling him that he's got to go out and rescue his girlfriend who's being detained by a bunch of rowdies at a roadside bar and grill. Some friends of mine who had a rock band really liked this song and worked up a real hard rock version of it and it was interesting to watch them perform it in a club but I knew that that was not what this song was supposed to be. It’s more of an easy country shuffle, it could even be a good bluegrass song if a banjo was added to it but I never thought it was meant to be a rock song. But I guess it's like a Bob Dylan song that can be interpreted in different ways. We had a lot of fun recording this song, it's a good jam and Terry came up with another fantastic guitar solo that really cooks and Jay added a perfect backbeat on the drum kit that moves the song along at a really good pace. It's very catchy. The lyrics are loaded with alliteration, especially in the second verse and even in the title. It’s a crowd pleaser.

I've Never Known How Far To Go With You
: I had the idea for this for a while, the lyric outline and the basic structure, verse/verse/middle eight/verse, but in the end I decided to pretty much completely re-write the lyric. And while I was doing that, this awesome melody came to me pretty easily one day on the beach in Westbrook, CT. By the time I got home and recorded a basic guitar/vocal demo, the song had completely come together in my head. It's a very simple country lament that I think a lot of people will relate to, especially younger folks because of the almost high school-college dating theme. I can hear Willie Nelson singing this, or any one of his protégées, it's got that Willie Nelson phrasing and vocal style.  This is a song that I think could end up being covered by several different artists. Terry Miggins played both acoustic and electric guitars on this, the electric guitar accents he arranged for this were inspired by listening to Mark Knopfler. It's really good.

Keep These Little Lessons
: This is one of the more folk style songs that I’ve written. I actually sang this song for a while with just the two verses and the chorus, but when I added the third verse I think it made a big difference, it brought the song full circle, into the present and I think it makes much more sense. Of all the songs that I’ve written, this is one of my favorites. It’s another story song. I think I was once again writing under the influence of my songwriting idol, the great Bob McDill, trying to write something like "Good Old Boys Like Me," which is one of my all-time favorite songs. I keep trying but I don't think I’ll ever write anything quite as good as that. But this is a nice little story song and I like what we did with it in the studio. It kind of reminds me of something John Denver might have done, or Peter, Paul and Mary. Terry Miggins really played some nice acoustic guitar on this, and Jay Miggins came up with a perfect drum arrangement, they gave it a really nice feel and made the song move along really nicely, for a simple little folk song. It's got a nice message and it's got one of my favorite lines: "Don’t ever be afraid to ask your neighbors for help, if it looks like it's too heavy don't try lifting it yourself I don't know where that line came from, it just popped into my head, maybe that's why I like it so much. It’s meaningful.

Alarm Clock, Dogs Bark: This is my attempt to write and record a very simple song using what I call "an economy of words." I was inspired by listening to an interview on WSM Nashville with country music icon Don Williams in which he was talking about working with a couple of my favorite songwriters, particularly Wayland Holyfield and Bob McDill, so I basically wrote the song with them in mind. I came up with a couple of pretty good verses, and to make the song different from others I've written, I decided not to write a chorus but just leave it as a simple two verse song like something Willie Nelson might have done back in his early days. I was a little surprised when I brought it into the studio and everybody said they really liked it a lot. I thought it was good but the guys really loved it, especially Terry Miggins, and he came up with a really creative guitar arrangement that took the song to a completely different place. It has a really catchy bluegrass-type rhythm and it moves along at a pretty good pace considering that it was meant to be rather laid back. Jay’s drumming is really good and there’s the potential for this to turn into a really good live concert jam. This is my seven year old son’s favorite song of mine. He loves this song, he said, "Daddy, it's just so catchy, I can't let it go!" As far as I'm concerned, positive feedback doesn't get much better than that!

How'd You Find Me Here?: A very simple but heartfelt and emotional song that I wrote in one session on February 3, 2014. It's kind of a folk-song in a way, somewhat reminiscent of the type of songs I wrote when I first started turning my poetry into songs. It's about a guy who is surprised and confused when his ex-girlfriend walks into the bar where he is and sits down at the table to talk to him. It’s unique in that it doesn't have a chorus, it's just three verses and a flute solo. The title is the hook. My daughter, Vanessa, played the flute solo on this. It's a beautiful song and she made it even more beautiful with her perfect flute solo. I'm very proud of her. This is one of my favorite songs. There's a lot of feeling, a lot of emotion in this simple little song. I think people will relate to that. I can't stop listening to it. I play it over and over. I think it's really beautiful. Terry did some really nice harmonic notes on the guitar that add a lot to the song. After seeing Tom Rush perform live recently I thought the song would be perfect for his voice and style of guitar playing so I sent him an mp3 to listen to. I hope he likes it.

Tonight Leave The Love Light On
:  Another song for which I had the basic lyric outline for quite a while but I hadn't come up with a melody until one day when I was sitting in the dentist's chair with my eyes closed for about an hour and suddenly the whole thing became totally clear in my mind. I left the dentist's office humming my new song and immediately sang it into my portable recorder and I finished it when I got home that day. I made several changes to the verses, wrote a bridge for it and brought it into the studio where we made quite a production out of it. I think it's got a killer rhythm and I think it came out really good. It's a song that we had a really good time recording. It's got a great shuffle beat and the “da da da” refrain is something that gets into your head and won’t let go. I’ve referred to this as the album's "sleeper song," I didn't think it was going to turn out as good as it did but I think it turned out to be exceptional and it wouldn't surprise me if, for some people, it ends up being the standout track on the album. It's unbelievably catchy. I think it's a radio song, I actually think it will jump out of the radio and listeners won't be able to get that "da da da" refrain out of their heads, which is exactly what a hit record is supposed to do, get into your head and stay there. It's the longest long on the album, exactly four minutes, but it doesn't seem like it. I really like the lyrics in this one, the rhyme structure is very good, there are rhymes within the lines, two rhymes in each line, and it’s a  got very good use of alliteration. I worked hard on this and I’m really happy that it came out sounding so good. I can’t say enough about Terry’s guitar playing, this is a perfect example of a song that he made come alive with his excellent guitar riffs, and Jay keeps a great rhythm going on the drums.

Your Smile:  This song is pure country, with an easy melody, a really nice lyric and good imagery. I was thinking of Willie Nelson when I wrote this and I think we made a Willie Nelson recording in the studio, complete with a perfect Willie Nelson style acoustic guitar solo by Terry Miggins. In my opinion, this is one of the best tracks on the album and should be picked up by another recording artist. I hope Willie gets to hear this one because I think he'd do it best. I hope if he ever gets a chance to hear it he’ll like it enough to record it. That would make me very proud. No doubt it's a Willie Nelson song.

Drinkin' Tonight: The idea for this song popped into my head when I was running on Route 66 one day thinking about Nashville and country music and I suddenly realized that I’d never written a real hard core drinking song. And as soon as I thought that the first couple lines came into my head and I had the idea to write a song about a guy who spends all day trying to decide what he’s going to drink when he gets off work. The idea to turn it around and have the guy consider quitting drinking came later, and the surprise ending just happened when I was recording my demo at home. It made me laugh, so I left it in the song, I think it’ll do the same for just about everyone the first time they hear it. I’m actually thinking it just might be the part of the song that makes it most memorable and will make people talk about it and want to hear it again, and again. I can picture people saying: "Hey, have you heard that new song called Drinkin' Tonight? Did you hear how it ends?" I decided to make this the closing track because the sudden stop makes it a great way to end the album. It's the shortest song on the album, only two minutes. Somebody in Nashville needs to record this and make it a hit. I can already hear it on the radio. It's so short that people will immediately want to hear it again. I think country radio will love this song.

Interviewer: Tell me something about the next album, 15 more original songs?

Bill Naughton, Jr
.: Yes, I've got 15 more original songs to record for "Songwriter, Volume 2.” I hope to get Terry Miggins and Jay Miggins back in the studio to play on these songs and I may have a few other musicians on it too. My daughter, Vanessa, will do two more flute solos and Michael Arafeh will again produce me at The Coffeehouse in Middletown but the difference on this one will be that 7 of the 15 songs have been written specifically for a female to sing so I'll be sharing the lead vocal duties on this album. I have some beautiful songs for female singers, at least two of them I believe are sure hits, and I want to present them well, so this album will be different in that respect. “Volume 2” will be released in April 2015.

: Who's the female singer?

Bill Naughton, Jr.:  I’m still thinking about that, I have some ideas but I haven't made a final decision yet.

: Well, I'll be looking forward to that. Good luck with both of these projects.

Bill Naughton, Jr.: Thank you.

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Bill Naughton, Jr.
P.O. Box 146, Cobalt, CT 06414

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Photograph by Olga Gerik

“Writing can be very intense, you pace up and down the hall, you drink cup after cup of coffee. Sometimes you know exactly what you’re trying to say but you just can’t make the language do it. But still, you keep trying because you know that line that says exactly what you’re looking for is out there in the stratosphere somewhere, and you just have to find it.”

Bob McDill

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