30 Song Live Performance Set List
A two hour show for performances at public library concert series, outdoor community events, town concerts "on the green" or at a gazebo, bookstores, coffeehouses, mall stages, or casual dining establishments like Whole Foods. 
All songs are original compositions by Bill Naughton, Jr., 
and all songs copyright c 2012-2013 Bililolga Music (ASCAP)

1. For Nickels and Dimes

2. Meet The Beatles 

3. I Fell In Love With You 

4. Gone To Get My Girlfriend 

5. Your Smile 

  6. Keep These Little Lessons 
7. I'll Be Your Dylan 

8. The Bride's Best Man 

9. This Is My Dream 

10. We Were Only Children 

11. Alarm Clock, Dogs Bark 

12. Paint Me With A Thousand Colors 

13. I Guess I'm Never Gonna Get Completely Over You 

14. The Calm Before The Storm 

15. My Love Will Never Die 

16. It's Gonna Be Alright 

17.Some Other Girl

18. FYI (For Your Information

19. I Always Want To Wake Up With You 

20. Drinkin' Tonight  

 Meet The Beatles (ukulele version)

*several new songs have not yet been added to this set list

all songs copyright c 2012-2013 by Biliolga Music (ASCAP)


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